Elastic Bandage Surgical Wound

Elastic Bandage Surgical wound

The elastic bandage is made of natural fibers and is soft and elastic. Mainly for surgical care

Purpose: mainly used for surgical dressing care.

The use of elastic bandages is extensive, and the various benefits of this bandage can be felt in various parts of the body.

Advantages: high elasticity and joints after using activity is not restricted, not shrinking, will not hinder the circulation of the blood or make joint displacement of material good air permeability, doesn't make the condensed water vapor wound, convenient to carry.

Product features: is it convenient to use, beautiful and easy, suitable pressure, permeability is good, not easy infection, wound healing, bind up quickly, no allergic phenomenon, does not affect the patient's daily life.

High elastic bandage categories: self-adhesive elastic bandage, elastic bandage, spandex elastic bandage, 100% pure cotton elastic bandage, PBT, elastic bandages, all cotton gauze bandage, PBT, with suction pad bandages, plaster bandage, various production bandages.

Relevant terms for the elastic bandage: skates. Frisbee. Outdoor shoes. Protective gear. Sneakers

Materials used to fix and protect surgical or injured areas are essential for surgery. The most

The simple one is a single shed, made of gauze or cotton, for the legs, tail, head and chest. After bandage is made according to the location and shape and various shapes of bandages, materials for the double deck cloth, which can be of different thickness of cotton, with a cloth, tie to fixed, such as eye bandages, back waist bandages, chest bandage, bandages and abdominal bandages, etc. Special bandages are used for fixed use in limbs and joints.

Type editor

100% cotton plain, wrinkle elastic bandage, ammoniac elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage, and cotton bandage, adhesive plaster bandage.

Scroll to take

It is also called a single belt with three kinds of cotton, gauze and elastic bands. According to the different parts of the belt, it has the following names:

The paper is the leading one with the tail of the (scrolls), the inside (on the other side of the volume) of the (on the other side) of the scroll, under the margin of the scroll

Double belt

There are two leading lines, which are about the same width and application as the scrolls.

Three head,

(1) triangular bandage: made with nankin, i.e., with four edges is equal to about 1 meter long cotton diagonal cut, namely into two large triangular bandage, if will have made the triangular bandage from top to bottom line cut open, and can be split into two small triangle towel, and according to its different parts, with the following names: top, bottom and around 2 o 'clock, its USES most used to carry, hanging hand and forearm. 2 t

Belt: used for fixed perineum dressings and increased scrotum.