En Emergency Medical Items Are Required For The Family.

Recently, some media reported that due to frequent natural disasters and accidents in recent years, "first aid kit" has become one of the popular gifts. Experts say that everyone should learn first-aid knowledge, and each family should also prepare a first-aid kit to minimize damage in the event of an accident.

 Family first aid kit is best placed on the bed

Every family in Japan is equipped with a “preparation kit for disaster preparedness”, which is equipped with drinking water, compressed food, radio, commonly used medicines, commonly used equipment, and simple tents. Many families in Europe and America will also have a first-aid kit with mineral water, biscuits, whistle, flashlight and towel. The emergency doctors of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital should say that every family in China should prepare a first-aid kit. In addition to being able to cope with various sudden disasters, ordinary accidental injuries can also be used. The first-aid kit should be placed in the place where the activities are most common. The first choice is the bedside of the bedroom. In case of an earthquake or fire, it will happen in the evening, and the first-aid kit can be obtained in the shortest time while sleeping. The general first aid kit is preferably 1 to 15 kg.

Gauze bandages are essential medical items

Ying Jiao said that emergency medical supplies should be placed in the first aid kit. She listed ten essential emergency medical items:

Triangular bandage: A large piece of triangular gauze that can be tied to the head and back when fractured. It can also hold a broken or injured hand on the neck.

Medical elastic bandage: a commonly used medical bandage for bandaging wounds.

Medical skim gauze: commonly used medical gauze, used to stop bleeding, cover the wound.

Iodophor cotton stick: a single-package disinfection stick with a cotton swab on top, a hollow tube in the middle, and iodine in the tube for cleaning and disinfecting small wounds without cross-infection.

Band-Aid: 10 pieces.

Medical tape: ordinary medical tape used to dress wounds.

Cleaning the wipes: Use for cleansing the skin. First Aid Handbook: Image of cartoon first aid knowledge. External spray: It plays a role in promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

Cooling paste or chilled mineral water: mainly for children, children's temperature regulation system is not perfect, easy to have high fever and convulsions, when the body temperature is below 38.5 °C, these items can be cold-applied to the forehead, artery and other places to play a role in physical cooling.

How to deal with accidents

Eye injury - do not wash with water

Injuries, cuts, burns, fishbone and throat are common accidental injuries in the family. Experts say that every family member should have first aid knowledge in case of any accident.

Pang Xiuqin, chief physician of Ophthalmology Department of Tongren Hospital, said that after being injured, it is easy to cause eyeball foreign body injury, eyeball rupture, traumatic cataract, increased intraocular pressure, glaucoma, intraocular hemorrhage, retinal detachment, and eyeball atrophy. Don't panic in the event of a blow, use a clean gauze to gently rub it. Never wash your eyes with water. Do not force the eyeball that has been blown, because the eye content of the damaged eye under pressure may come out. Doctors who are more skilled in medicine can't save the eyeballs that have lost most of their eye contents. They can only regret eyeball removal.

Finger cut - do not advocate self-drug

Ying Jiao said that if the finger cuts less bleeding and the injury is not serious, it can be applied to the wound after the cleaning. Do not advocate the application of red medicine or hemostatic powder on the wound, as long as the wound is kept clean. If the wound is large and the bleeding is not enough, stop the bleeding and immediately rush to the hospital. The specific method of hemostasis is to wrap the wound with clean gauze, pinch the sides of the finger and lift the heart high, because the blood vessels here are distributed on the left and right sides. This gesture can effectively stop bleeding. It is better to use a rubber tourniquet, but be aware that the tourniquet must be relaxed for a few minutes every 20 to 30 minutes, otherwise it may cause ischemic necrosis of the fingers.

Cerebral hemorrhage - to ensure the smooth flow of vomit

Ying Jiao said that there is a cerebral hemorrhage in the family, family members should restrain their feelings, do not shout loudly or violently shake the coma in order to wake up the patient, otherwise it will only make the condition deteriorate rapidly. In order to lie flat on the bed, such patients are prone to jet vomiting due to elevated brain pressure. If vomiting is not removed in time, cerebral hemorrhage may be caused by vomiting and obstruction of airway suffocation. Therefore, the patient's head must be turned to one side so that the vomit can flow out of the mouth and immediately call the emergency number.