Precautions For Wearing Braces

Tooth correction, due to the reason of the orthodontic device, most will cause the sequelae of gingival atrophy. It can cause loose teeth, gingival atrophy and increase of teeth, so be careful to correct.

Points of teeth

Some of the teeth were taken at the same time as tooth extraction, some were done after tooth extraction, and it was usually about a week or so between the upper and lower teeth. The aim is to remove a bit of space between the teeth so that the braces can be placed in the steel ring of the fixed braces. Deciduous teeth are generally a little weak and weak, and the upper and lower teeth can be a little painful.

On the braces

When the tooth is finished, it can be directly applied to 3M teeth. (the upper braces are a bit of a grindstone, especially where you can pinch a bit of protective wax to press on. Protective wax can be made with a doctor, usually free of charge. The first week might be a little sour, but that's it. If you have canker sores, you can spray guilin watermelon cream before going to bed at night, and take proper amount of vitamin B, zinc and so on.