Introduction Of Invisible Braces

The transparent appliance made of macromolecule material can be used to complete the orthodontic treatment without wire or groove. It is good to be beautiful, but it is easy to clean and clean the oral cavity during orthodontic treatment.

Invisible braces are easy to extract, so patients can brush or floss at any time during treatment to keep the mouth clean. Because it doesn't use metal, it doesn't irritate the mouth.

In fact, the transparent corrector, on the surface is not very obvious, the effect is the same as the metal. But the experience says that there is no solid metal, if you really pay attention to the beauty of the problem, you can consider this kind of transparent, there is only one wire on the surface, other basic can not see. In addition, it is necessary to conduct regular review on the orthodontics. If there is a phenomenon of falling off, it can be remedied without affecting the therapeutic effect.

The advantages have no effect on life, no traditional metal braces are so painful and convenient, they can be taken down at any time, and the meeting, eating and attending activities will not be affected. It is also small, and the materials used are almost as good as normal teeth, and have a good affinity with the human body.


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