Use Gauze To Be Sure To Change Regularly

Gauze is a commonly used tool we use to deal with the wound, because good and inexpensive, and light and do not take a place, so a lot of people will be at home on standby, medical gauze above the handle of the small wound, will also use them for wound treatment and these dressings, so in the use of gauze, all need to pay attention to what issues? We can watch it together.

Is first important to note that determine different wounds, each kind of wound is not need to use the gauze, also is not each kind of wound is suit to use gauze piece, in general, some scrape, skin wounds do not need to use the gauze, and if it is some deeper, penetrability, or the wound with larger area, suit to use gauze to protect and promote healing.

You also need to note is that, if used gauze piece to the wound, then must be replaced in a timely manner, it is very important, if is in normal temperature environment, often depending on the wound, replace one or two days time, and if it is some more hot weather, then the corresponding change of gauze frequency will be higher, and at the time of wound, also must pay attention to the good do not overtighten, relax appropriately, to bring the wound better air permeability.