The Character Of Gauze Sponge

Gauze sponges are white or yellowish, soft and spongy, with water absorption; Though it is rubbed hard, it will not break. This product does not dissolve in water. Check: take this product absorbent about 1 cm * 1 cm * 0.5 cm, and its precision said, immersed in 20 ℃ water, knead gently with finger, careful not to make the breakage, initiate the enough moisture, gently with tweezers and grip the corner of the water for 1 minute, after precision said, absorption of moisture shall not be less than 35 times the weight of the test. On ignition residue: take this product is 0.1 g, check (appendix Ⅷ N) in accordance with the law and legacy residue may not be over 2.0%. Sterile: take this product, check according to law, should comply with the regulation.