Gauze Applied To A Lot Of Medicine

Gauze Applied to a lot of medicine

Speaking of gauze roll a lot of people are not unfamiliar, because when our body parts are hurt, the doctor will always use gauze roll to our bandage. In fact, the use of gauze roll is not only the case, he can also be used in many departments of medicine, such as the stomatology: have a dental experience friends will know that in the dentistry when the teeth, in order to isolate saliva, but also to keep the local Dry, the doctor will usually gauze into the tongue of the lower duct or parotid duct at the use. The preparation method is:

      First shop a blanket, covered with a cloth, and then will be 2 cm wide, 30 cm long gauze piece, tiled on a single, tear a piece of cotton, shop on the gauze, the cotton should be uniform, leaving a corner of the cotton , From the opposite side of the cotton side began to roll up, rolled into a 1.3 cm diameter rod-shaped, the volume should be forced to rub, so that the rod can not be loose, and then cut into each paragraph 1.5 cm long small volume (two fine not ) Into the small fit, each with 25, with rubber band to prevent falling or loose.

      After the above steps can be used. In addition gauze roll can also be applied to the clinical department, in the internal and external surgery, gauze roll is also essential. And in daily life in order to prevent accidents, usually also available gauze roll. So it can be said that although the gauze roll is small, but the function is a lot, is one of the daily necessities. The gauze mask is a medical mask type. In gauze masks, it is usually possible to work in an environment containing steam and harmful gases. In addition, the use of gauze masks can also prevent harmful objects into the respiratory tract, and thus play a protective role on the human body. Then gauze masks can prevent respiratory viruses?

Gauze masks are made of long 18cm wide 14cm gauze 12 layer or 16 layers of stitching, gauze density warp yarn per centimeter for 9, had used this gauze masks for filtering efficiency test, found gauze masks on the 5 m m below the dust Blocking efficiency is only about 10%. Therefore, the State Administration of Labor on May 21, 1981 and January 5, 1982 twice issued a document in the dust place "is strictly prohibited and wear gauze masks", must use in line with national standards (Tiao 2626 "self-absorption filter dust Masks. "And how much of the virus? General use electronic microscope magnification tens of thousands of times to see, most of the virus diameter below 150nm.

So we can learn that the gauze mask in addition to the general can be prevented against the general bacilli, for most of the virus and bacteria are not in the filter. And then add the gauze masks if the structure is not tight enough or their own moisture permeability is not enough, it is difficult to play a preventive role in micro-organisms.