Gauze Can Not Be In Direct Contact

Gauze Can not be in direct contact

Now the market is very common in medical items, many friends buy their own time sometimes can not tell the medical gauze and bandages, and some friends in order to facilitate the direct mix of two. In fact, they each have their own use, and today the Health Materials Co., Ltd. for everyone to sum up the two common and the difference between the two to facilitate the identification.

1, medical gauze and bandage material is the same;

2, medical bandages in the use of direct contact with the wound;  medical gauze manufacturers

3, in the medical bandages are not sterilized, and medical gauze are sterilized;

4, the most obvious difference is that the shape is not the same, medical gauze is a few layers stacked together, and medical bandage is a layer.

Of course, the hospital there are medical gauze bandage, medical gauze bandage is the orthopedic patients at the fracture of the external bandage, fixed a necessary medical materials. When we use, we should choose high-quality medical gauze bandage, according to the correct method of dressing.

 Medical gauze block of the production process involves the textile, pharmaceutical chemistry, machinery and other aspects of the subject knowledge, that is a seemingly simple medical gauze can actually involve a lot of knowledge. The so-called degreasing is to remove the fat substances contained in the cotton, so that it can be well wet with the aqueous solution, and not without water, with such cotton gauze is more suitable for dressing wounds, Medical application. Health Materials Limited

From the production of medical gauze block, we can simply understand the general meaning of medical skim. Water scouring, the oil in the oil out of the composition, it becomes a cotton. Medical gauze block in the use of the time is very important to the patient, the use of the purchase to be careful, do not map cheap, to the quality of substandard manufacturers to buy. Money is small, life is important, should pay attention.

1, with cotton or cotton lap on the dressing site as a liner, in the need to increase the pressure or slim and more bone where the dressing more cotton or lap. Medical gauze bandage manufacturers

2, please wear protective gloves.

3, open the package before use, the polymer (orthopedic) bandage at room temperature (68-77 ℉, 20-25 ℃) water for 1-2 seconds, gently squeeze the bandage to remove too much moisture. {Polymer (orthopedic) bandage curing forming speed and bandage soaking time and flooding water temperature is proportional: If you need a long time operation, please use directly, without flooding.

4, according to the need for spiral winding. Each circle overlap 1/2 or 1/3 of the bandage width, wrapped but not too hard, shaping at this time the wind is completed, the polymer (orthopedic synthesis) bandage curing 30 seconds to be static (that is, to ensure that the shape of the posture Do not move); 3-4 layers of non-load-bearing parts have been enough, load-bearing parts can be wrapped around 4-5 layers of polymer (orthopedic synthesis) bandage, winding healing bandage,