Gauze Comfort Is Good

Gauze Comfort is good

With the vigorous development of medical care in recent years, its production of medical textiles in the quality has greatly improved. Medical sterile gauze block in the material, with the top non-woven fabrics, the comfort of this material is good, soft texture, a strong stretch, toughness strong.

If the purchase method is not correct, it is possible to buy unqualified products, we will feel uncomfortable when used, and even affect its sterile effect. Since the purchase method is so important, what should we do?

1, in the purchase of medical gauze block to see the appearance of the product, its soft, color white, tasteless, does not contain other impurities in the fiber;

2, you can put it in the UV light, if the strong blue fluorescence is ordered to contain other substances;

Please read carefully the instructions and packaging of the medical gauze on the outside of the package, because the medical gauze block is usually divided into sterile and non-sterile two, please understand before use.

Wearing a gauze mask is one of the most effective precautions to isolate the virus and prevent the flu. But also wear a mask should pay attention to technology and methods, the incorrect use of masks, not only can not play a protective effect, but increase the possibility of virus transmission. How do you wear it correctly?

1, the mask should be wearing on the edge should wear on top of the bridge of the nose, the nose and mouth completely cover, do not have a gap around. Do not wear too low, or masks with too loose, do not wear too high. Children wearing masks may feel difficulty breathing, parents should communicate with their children in time. It is worth noting that, once the mask is removed, should be worn on the inside of the nose and mouth side of the fold, put in a clean pocket, or into a clean plastic bag in reserve. Health departments to remind the right to wear a mask can really play a role, but wearing a mask can not play a full protective effect on infectious diseases, therefore, should also take the ground wash, keep the distance with the patient, to avoid crowded places and other prevention Measures.

2, to the crowd and then wear a mask, healthy people do not need to wear a mask in daily life. Wearing a mask, the purpose is to prevent exposure to influenza virus with a droplets, healthy people in the nursing home isolation of flu-like symptoms of patients, and people with cold symptoms in close contact or to go to the hospital, station and other crowds have high risk of infection Public places; or go to a serious epidemic area, it is necessary to wear masks.

3, a one-time medical masks should be replaced every day, wearing a mask and can not completely block the spread of the virus in the crowd, the public can not relax after wearing a mask vigilance, ignoring the ground washing and other important anti-disease measures. Please the public to the regular pharmacy to buy ordinary medical masks, to grasp the correct use of the method is economical and effective way to prevent.

Formal channels of gauze masks can really effectively prevent influenza. Although gauze masks can block bacteria, but if you wear properly will have a bad effect. People with respiratory problems should consult a professional to get more professional guidance. Medical gauze masks are used in a wide range of applications that can be used in the medical industry as well as in daily life and in environments with low levels of harmful gases and vapors. At the same time in the medical gauze masks, it is usually used sparse powder cotton cloth for sewing processing.

There are many types of medical gauze masks, and we are usually divided into gas-type medical gauze masks and air filter medical gauze masks two. And in the medical gauze masks, the air filter type of medical gauze masks mainly to prevent harmful gases through the air into the human body, which played a filter through. In the air supply of medical gauze masks, it is harmful substances to be kept clean, and through the role of power through the mask to provide breathing. In contrast, filter-type medical gauze masks apply more.