Gauze Development Trend

Gauze development trend

We all know that the development of each industry, need to do a good job in the market survey to see what the market needs, we strive to meet the needs of the market, so that our company can develop better and better, medical equipment Co., Industry's future development trend made a very good analysis.

    Soluble hemostatic gauze This product after the blood, the rapid absorption of swelling and dissolved, with the blood clot to form a cover to protect the wound.

As the product is dissolved with a large number of negative ions, can activate the coagulation factor XII, start the endogenous coagulation system to promote the formation of thrombin, and then under the action of thrombin, fibrinogen was hydrolyzed by fibrin stabilization factor to form insoluble Fibrin multimers, to stop bleeding, prevent tissue adhesion and promote wound healing.

Immediately stop bleeding during surgery, reduce blood loss, prevent tissue adhesion, promote wound healing, effective protection of the wound

Mainly used for extraction, skin trauma, burns and a variety of surgical bleeding and prevent tissue adhesion, protect the wound surface, promote wound healing.

    This is just one of them, gauze in the use of medicine too much, I believe that everyone's daily life can be seen, our company's advanced technology, gauze is a lot of types, welcome to the company to see. Gauze masks are commonly used in the medical industry as a protective medical supplies, while gauze masks in other industries also use, such as in some contain harmful gases or steam environment in the industry, the same use gauze masks, Xinxiang Tianhong Medical Devices Co., Ltd. one of the products have gauze masks.

Gauze masks with dust and anti-virus effect, you can filter on the human body toxic substances, the health is very important. Weaving Dust Dust Mask protects only the respiratory organs from respiratory organs that protect the respiratory organs from harmful substances. Generally by the mask and the cartridge, the cartridge containing the adsorbent or sorbent, the adsorption effect is very good; some cartridge also equipped with filter layer, can be anti-aerosol. The military used in the anti-virus masks mainly made of activated carbon cloth, or with anti-oil and anti-oil fabric for the outer layer, fiberglass filter material for the inner layer, immersion activated carbon polyurethane foam for the bottom, can be encountered in the gas attack Provide temporary protection. There are many types of anti-virus masks, but from the structure and working principle is divided into two categories: air filter masks and gas masks.

(1) air filter type masks, or simply filter-type masks work is to make the air containing harmful substances through the mask filter evolution after being inhaled. The structure of a filter masks is divided into two parts, one is the main body of the mask, the other is the filter part, including dust for the filter cotton and anti-virus chemical filter box.

(2) air supply masks refers to the separation of harmful gas source, through the dynamic action such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinders, etc., through the tube and face to the human face for human breathing.

Gypsum masks in the role of daily life can not be ignored, to prevent the virus infection, like in the cold winter, can enhance the oral, respiratory system of warmth, so it is one of the health products can not be separated.