Gauze Mutual Performance

Gauze Mutual performance

Now, because people's living conditions improved, people no longer satisfied with the satiate, the pursuit of quality of life, the pursuit of health has become the primary concern. In our daily life, it is inevitable that there are some bumps, causing us to suffer some trauma. After injury we inevitably need some medical gauze, the following to use Xiaobian to introduce it!

1, medical gauze dressing gauze roll role?

This product is made of absorbent cotton gauze, breathable, strong water absorption, easy to use, automatic folding equipment, laminated evenly and neatly. Is a more traditional one-time medical materials, in the pharmaceutical and health industry to use the most, medical gauze dressing is 100% medical natural cotton yarn refined, with good moisture absorption, vampire and mutual performance; medical gauze dressing mainly used In the skin wound clean, hemostasis and dressing, after a rigorous medical standards, will not cause wound infection and inflammation.

2, medical gauze dressing gauze roll should pay attention to what?

Look at the appearance of goods. The product should be soft and elastic white fiber, no stains, stains and foreign body, odorless, tasteless, in the UV light should not show strong blue fluorescence. Medical gauze dressing gauze rolls are non-sterile products, such as direct contact with the wound, should be used after sterilization. Can be sterilized by high temperature autoclaving, ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 sterilization. Products within the packaging damp, damaged, mildew can not be used. This product is a one-time items, prohibit re-use.

Gauze block can be used in cleaning, and more convenient and more clean, gauze block is made of cotton processing, is one of the leading products industry, mainly for the production of medical cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton swabs. If you are sick, gauze block can also be assured to use. 1, cold nose, we must use a soft tissue, if necessary, rinse with water;

2, carry a moisturizing cream, keep the skin moist.

3, gauze dipped in warm water, wet the lips gently wipe the dead skin, and then coated with lipstick, lips can be dead skin.

4, sleep when the head slightly pad high, which will help eliminate facial moisture. Medical gauze block production process involves the textile, pharmaceutical chemistry, machinery and other aspects of the subject knowledge, that is a simple medical gauze can actually involve a lot of knowledge. The so-called degreasing is the fat contained in the cotton material removed, so that can be well with the aqueous solution wet, and not without water, with such cotton gauze is more suitable for dressing wounds, soaking liquid Medical application.