Gauze The Most Extensive

Gauze The most extensive

The characteristics of various medical wound dressings

A) natural gauze (cotton pad)

This is the use of the earliest and most extensive class of dressings,

Its main advantages are:

1, strong and rapid absorption of wound exudate

2, material economy

3, the production process is simple

The main shortcomings are:

1, permeability is too high, easy to make the wound dehydration

2, the adhesion of the wound, the replacement caused by re-mechanical damage 3, the external environment of microorganisms easy to pass, cross-infection opportunities

4, the amount of more frequent replacement, time-consuming and patient pain

Due to the reduction of natural resources, the cost of gauze is gradually increasing, therefore, in order to avoid excessive use of natural resources

Source, the emergence of the application of polymer materials (synthetic fiber) processed into medical dressings, which is synthetic fiber dressings.

B) synthetic fiber dressings

This kind of dressing has the same advantages as gauze, such as economy, and has good absorption performance, etc., and some products

But also with self-adhesive, so that it is very convenient to use. However, such products also have the same shortcomings of gauze, such as

High permeability, the external environment of particulate matter without blocking and so on.

Three) poly-film dressings (Polymeric Film)

This is a more advanced dressing, with oxygen, water vapor and other gases can be free and transparent, and the environment of particulate

Foreign matter such as dust and microbes can not pass the characteristics.

Therefore, such dressings have the following advantages:

1, blocking the environment microbial invasion of the wound, to prevent cross infection

2, there is moisture, so that the wound moist, will not stick the wound and will not produce replacement mechanical mechanical injury

3, self-adhesive, easy to use, and transparent, easy to observe the wound situation

The main drawbacks are:

1, poor ability to absorb exudate

2, the cost is relatively high

3, the wound around the skin dipping opportunities

So this type of dressing is mainly used in postoperative and exudation of small wounds, or as other dressings of the auxiliary