Gauze The Use Of Yarn Materials Is Different

Gauze The use of yarn materials is different

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1. According to the different raw materials, the cotton gauze (also made of cotton yarn), pure chemical fiber gauze, and blended gauze.

2. According to the weaving process, can be divided into single layer gauze, double layer gauze, multi-layer gauze.

3. According to different USES, can be divided into civil gauze, medical gauze (defatted gauze), industrial gauze etc.

4. According to the color, can be divided into color gauze, this white gauze (it is the color of cotton yarn), bleached gauze (also make white gauze or add white gauze).

5. According to the degree of softness, it can be divided into soft gauze, sizing gauze and sizing gauze.

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How to distinguish the cotton-polyester gauze and cotton gauze

Eye: the colour of polyester gauze is more bright than pure cotton gauze, and the polyester is bright and bright, the fibrous tissue also is more compact. Compared to pure cotton gauze colour not so bright look very downy appearance, gauze surface still can see the residue of some cottonseed.

2. Hand touch: cotton gauze is soft but not smooth, and the cotton-polyester gauze hand feels some slippage.

3. Combustion: this is also the most intuitive method used by people in the industry. Pure cotton gauze, at one point, the flame is yellow, the burning smell is the same as the burning paper, burning the edge is soft, leaving little grey and black flocculating ashes; Polyester/cotton gauze when close to the flame first contraction then melt, emit black smoke, smell a kind of inferior fragrances, edge harden after combustion, ash for dark brown lumps, but can lay crushed.

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Gauze can be divided into two kinds of gauze, have pure cotton gauze, polyester gauze cloth two kinds, if buy how to distinguish, offer one kind of method for everybody:

You can find a lighter and burn the gauze you buy with the fire. After the [2] burns out, you can turn your hand to the ashes. If it's grey, it's pure cotton gauze. If there is a small particle after burning, it proves that it is not pure cotton. It may be polyester. This method is very simple, and it takes only two minutes for the individual to judge.

Emery cloth of industry, other name: iron emery cloth, emery cloth, corundum gauze, dry wear gauze

Purpose: to be mounted on a machine tool or to grind the surface of a metal workpiece by grinding the surface of a metal workpiece. Coil gauze is mainly used for machining of metal workpiece or plywood. Small size for coarse grinding, size size for fine grinding.

Gauze variety and versatility. The following is a description of the types and varieties of gauze.


Gauze (17 pieces)

1. Cotton gauze (also made of cotton yarn), mainly used for quilting and silk quilt. Also can be defatted after medical, after sizing the industrial use.

2. Cotton bleached gauze (also made with white gauze or white gauze), because people's living conditions are improved, advocating health. Cotton bleached gauze is processed by bleaching and soft processing, natural, pure white, comfortable and environmental protection, it is the cotton quilt, silk is the first choice of materials, also can make face mask.

3. Absorbent gauze, mainly used for medical bandages, medicine cloth, adhesive plaster, etc.

4. Mask gauze, make face mask, have rolls (large volumes) or pied, suit the needs of different cropping patterns of manufacturers.

5, mosquito net gauze, make mosquito net use.