How About Single Use Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage Use?

Bandages has many type, main is dressing wound, surgery Hou processing affected area by need of gauze, general medical bandages is compared common of, effect also very good, quality also can clearance, selected since Xinjiang specialty cotton, making into variety bandages type, which one-time using since stick elastic bandages most highlight, market Shang also is circulation, also compared convenient, next we to understand Xia one-time using since stick elastic bandages using Shi note of problem?
Self-adhesive elastic bandage is not for single use can only be used once cannot be used, first of all, we have to take into account such as patients in the rehabilitation process, not bandage long-term, so uncertain when replacing, in the final analysis was taking into account people's convenience, and also wish the patient a speedy recovery! In the patients with injury cases, not long-term bandage-wrapped, inevitably some bad swelling occurs, and need to be in touch with nature in some air, so single-use self-adhesive elastic stretch is very easy to use. Main material is made of pure cotton or elastic nonwovens spray natural rubber composite material beam turning, cutting, and for use in clinical external fixation and bandaging, often used when protection of wrist, ankles and other joints in motion. Especially for the treatment of varicose veins, swelling of the bone-gypsum after the removal of control can achieve a certain effect. In our healing process, so as not to affect the ban on wearing jewelry, rings, bruise, joints. When seriously injured, avoid contact with the water, so as not to cause skin irritation, inflammation and infection problems.