How Does The Mother Use The Postpartum Restraint Band Correctly?

As the number of maternity increases, the sales of postpartum restraint belts also increase significantly. Now, whether in the bustling city or in a small and quiet county, every pregnant woman will use the postpartum restraint belt after giving birth, but whether we will use the postpartum bond correctly for the first time we are mothers. What about it? Can the use of postpartum restraint straps and wearing time be accurately grasped?

   Maternal women usually have two conditions when they have children, one is delivery, and the other is caesarean section. No matter the birth and caesarean section, the mother's uterus and abdominal cavity will feel like a deflated ball, empty, heart, lungs and other organs will suddenly become slack due to the loss of external squeezing, resulting in Abdominal pressure is suddenly reduced, and our great mother may face the risk of circulatory failure. In order to avoid this, the general maternity hospital will use a device, that is, the postpartum restraint band, the postpartum restraint band is used in the newborn After the child's maternity, the post-natal restraint belt is made of pure cotton fabric and elastic cloth. The elastic cloth has a Velcro on it, which is very convenient to use. Simply unfold the strap and then wrap it around your abdomen and stick it with a Velcro. Hengshui Xukang reminds you that there are two points worth noting here: the first time to wear, we don't wear it for 24 hours. If you wear it for too long, it may lead to poor blood circulation and cause ischemic edema, even oppression or necrosis. The second point is the grasp of the tightness, the wrapped can not be too loose, can not be too tight, although the strap is elastic, but you pull too tight will cause the elastic bra to reach the limit and lose the elasticity, Too tight and it is easy to have poor blood circulation. So we have to keep these two points in the postpartum strap.

    There are many manufacturers of postpartum restraint belts on the market, and the production of postpartum restraint belt products are also different, which can be roughly divided into full elastic postpartum abdominal belt, long belly belt, three sticky cloth belly belts, three flower cloth belly belts, etc. You can choose according to your own preferences and needs, of course, if the amount is large, you can also customize according to your requirements.