How To Care For A Patient With Plaster

After the fracture patient passes whole and fixed, often will be cast in plaster to be fixed. Before the gypsum is dry, you can only use your palms to lift the gypsum and not use your fingertips. Don't put the plaster on the hard stuff before the gypsum is completely dry, and the plaster should be avoided, so as not to soften the gypsum and lose the fixed effect.

Try to lift the injured limb as much as possible, preferably above the heart level, especially in the early stages of injury, because raising the limb helps the blood flow back, avoiding or reducing the swelling of the fingers and toes.

At ordinary times should pay special attention to observe whether a plaster cast of is too tight, if you find a fracture of the distal fingers, toes, severe swelling, skin empurples, pain worse, says gypsum may be too tight, should be handled timely send for a doctor. At the same time should check the skin of gesso often to have red, break down, if have also should be in time doctor examine.

Although physical activity is not convenient when a plaster cast, but I still try to injured limb fingers, toes, it can promote the blood circulation, help the broken bone growth and reduce swelling, has not been fixed joints also should do more exercise, to maintain its flexibility.

When taking a bath, the skin around the plaster should be kept as dry as possible to prevent the skin from breaking. The sheets should be flat and dry.