How To Distinguish Polyester Cotton Gauze From Pure Cotton Gauze?

1. Look at: polyester cotton yarn than cotton yarn brighter color, and polyester cotton bright color, fiber structure is more compact and fine. Compared to pure cotton gauze color is not so bright look very soft appearance, gauze surface will see some cotton seed residue.

2. hand touch: pure cotton gauze is soft but not smooth. Polyester cotton gauze feels a little slippery.

3. burning: This is also the most intuitive method widely adopted by people in the industry. Pure cotton yarn, at one point, the flame is yellow, the smell of burning is like burning paper, after burning the edge is soft, leaving a few gray-black flocculent ashes; polyester and cotton yarn near the flame will shrink and then melt, black smoke, emitting a bad aromatic smell, burning after the edge hardened, ashes for Dark brown lump, but it can be twisted.

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