How To Distinguish The Black Cotton Wool

Gauze roll is frequently used in life to the product, especially widely used in medical treatment, therefore, gauze roll when the choose and buy must choose high quality products, our company production of pure cotton gauze roll, is pure natural high-quality refined cotton wool, white and soft, absorbent strong, by the broad masses of customers. Now, some manufacturers in order to benefit and benefit at the expense of the interests of the consumers, using inferior flocculant with fibre products as cotton products, destroyed the market orderly, below, by our gauze production factory to introduce how to distinguish shoddy cotton products for everyone. The most important determinant of black cotton wool is to see whether the product is used in the filling material. The following four substances are prohibited:

1. Fiber industrial waste material. Fiber processing, garment processing, other fiber products processing of the lower material. The recycled cotton includes cotton-padded fleece, infertile seed recovery cotton, landing cotton, waste yarn, side foot material, etc.

2. Medical fibre waste. Medical and health institutions have used, and should not reuse, all kinds of fibre products. Including: used cotton wool, decolleted gauze and other medical dressings, should be eliminated from the medical staff clothing, flocculating fiber products and other fiber products.

3. Recycled fibrous material. The industrial waste material, recycling waste clothing and other waste products and other products such as chopped, loose, rinsing and other simple processing of the flocculated fibrous material.

4. Waste clothing and waste products. After wearing or storing for a certain period of time, it has lost or reduced the use of clothing flocculated products and other fibre products that have been eliminated or discarded.

My company is in line with the concept of service for consumers, and USES the finest materials processing of pure cotton cloth (do not contain fluorescent agent, non-toxic, no stimulation, no sensitivity, adapt to the wound dressing, wireless head, well-made, has strong competitiveness in the market, we will serve you wholeheartedly.