How To Use Gauze Volume And Notice In First Aid?

Gauze roll used in first aid bandage is very common, utilization rate is not high, and the effect is good, so in the first aid bandage, do you know how to deal with the wound, the way you know what are the first aid bandage? Let's take a look at the details and his attention.

Application of bandage bandage should pay attention to the following principles:

Emergency personnel must be oriented to the injured and appropriate positions.

You must first cover the disinfecting gauze on the wound surface and then use the bandage.

When dressing, take the lead in the left hand, take the bandage in your right hand and close the outside of the bandage.

The dressing should be made up from the lower part of the wound, usually from left to right, from bottom to top.

The dressing bandage should not be too tight, lest cause local swelling also should not be too loose, lest slip.

In order to maintain the functional position of the body, the arms should be bent and tied, and legs should be straightened while bandaging the legs.

Wound is bacteria of shooting the portal of the body, if contaminated with bacteria, it may cause fester or concurrent septicemia, such as gas gangrene, and tetanus, the serious influence and damage to health, even life-threatening. So if there are no conditions on the emergency scene do clean the wound surgery, but it must must be done first bandage, because timely and properly dress, can achieve oppression hemostasis, reduce, protect the wound infection, reduce pain, fixed dressings and plywood.

When dressing, the action should be light, rapid, accurate, to cover the wound, tight, comfortable and comfortable. Bandages are generally used when dressing. The bandages are usually divided into hard bandages and soft bandages. The hard bandage is sprinkled with gypsum powder on a cloth bandage and dried up into plaster bandages. Soft bandages are commonly used in first aid.

The soft bandage is divided into a variety of such as adhesive paste: the adhesive plaster.

Scroll bandage: the gauze band is the most widely used, the most convenient one kind of wrapping material. The scrolls are divided into two types: single headband and double straps. That is, a bandage is pulled from two ends, or two single-head bands can be used.

I know the urgent treatment of emergency treatment, and I hope to bring more convenience to you in the future. This is a reminder of the safety of the New Year. Wish you a happy New Year and all the best.