Medical Adhesive-bonded Cloth Tape Dressing Tips

Medical supplies believes that most of us use some, especially the bandages, range is more widely used, and our own medical use non woven breathable bandages, adhesive elastic bandages for medical use and, of course, for the use of animal prints pet bandage, for these medical adhesive-bonded cloth tape, at the time of dressing, what tips do you have?
Medical adhesive-bonded cloth tape dressing tips
Spiral bandaging method, which is mainly used in the circumference of approximately equal parts, such as our arm, fingers, etc. Wound away in some places began to ring wrapped in two volumes, proximal to a 30-degree angle helical winding, each overlapping the previous volume 2/3, adhesive at the end. Lack of bandages in first aid or temporary fixed-splints bandages do not cover each other every week, said snake-like packing.
Spiral reflexed packing ranges for perimeter positions, such as the forearms, calves, thighs, and began to do two weeks circular bandage, spiral wrap, then thumb holding down the volume above the Middle place, on the other hand moves the tape from the reflexed down, cover the week before 1/3 or 2/3. Each reflexed to be lined up in a straight line, but each time the cuffs should not.
At the time of our use of medical adhesive-bonded cloth tape, there are some techniques you can use, both methods described above, when we dress you can try