Medical Bandage Dress

Medical bandages, as the most common method of medical supplies has a simple application, you can target different injuries and called for a wide variety of bandaging methods. When used according to the different needs, using length and width is different. Now practical application of non-woven fabric adhesive medical bandage elastic bandage, medical adhesive-bonded cloth tape, non-woven breathable bandages for medical use, medical cotton adhesive elastic bandage.
Medical bandage dress
Commonly used medical bandage used white foam bandages, there are generally three kinds of bandage methods, namely, packing ring, snake-shaped packing and coil packing. Most common methods of bandaging is roll bandage, generally applied to the neck, head, legs, and small at the chest and abdomen after the cleaning of the wound dressing. Specific method is the first lap around the slightly diagonal, second circle begin to ring, and pressure in a corner of the first lap leaning annular ring, fixed more firmly, finally, with tail ends knotted or secured with adhesive paste with tail.
Then snake-like packing, supporting the use of this method of dressing and a splint, used splint fixation. Method is the number of belt with circular winding circle is fixed, then according to the width of the bandage diagonally on the wound.
Finally, spiral bandaging method, the bind method is typically used to weight the local, or the ring method is used for dressing, then in accordance with the one-third or two-thirds method to forward dressing, gradually forming spirals.