Non-woven Adhesive Elastic Bandage Use Precautions

Medical supplies, for many people for are not strange, everyone more or less are has using had, no spinning cloth since stick elastic bandages, and medical since stick elastic bandages,, most people are has using had, no spinning cloth tape of advantage everyone are understand has, no spinning cloth since stick elastic bandages using note matters, is we today by to with everyone understand of, following on to see's.
Non-woven adhesive elastic bandage use precautions
After non-woven adhesive elastic bandage, to smooth wrinkles, especially in the joints. After the knee, the bandage easily wrinkled, so that compression of the popliteal fossa, like a tourniquet on it. Tightness of winding is appropriate, should feel comfortable after dressing for the degree. Bandage non-woven adhesive elastic bandage should be carried out every morning before you get out, if the patient is getting up, you should ask patients to stay in bed, raising limbs, venous blood draining and bandaging. When the bandage should begin at the feet, gradually winding up has been dressing to the desired height. In the process of dressing, to overlap adjacent two-layer elastic bandage around two-thirds, or after the bandage is not easy flat every night before removal.
Use non-woven fabric adhesive elastic bandages during the daily body skin color, swelling of the limbs, in order to observe its effect. Deep vein thrombosis patients in restricted activity periods or after beginning activities must use elastic bandages, for at least 3 months, or even a lifetime to protect the superficial veins and vein valve insufficiency, reducing or eliminating the symptoms. Elastic bandages frequently to keep clean. Elastic bandages contain rubber components, therefore, clean the elastic bandages to using cold water and mild soap, do not rub down. After washing water should be not wrung out, flat on the towel, drying in a ventilated place without direct sunlight or heating or other items of high temperature baking. This will extend the life of elastic bandages, and to maintain its effective elastic.
Elastic bandage use, there are many places that require our attention, want everyone in the process, are able to pay attention to these.