Orthopedic Plastic Classification

Orthopedic Plastic classification

Classification of medical

Plastic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery can treat the defects of congenital function and appearance, or cause the abnormality of body due to car accident, trauma, disease and aging. Plastic surgery with surgical method for autologous tissue transplantation, also can use variants, heterogeneous group or organization substitutes to repair tissue defect or deformity caused by various reasons, in order to improve or restore physiological function and appearance.

Some people refer to plastic surgery as the fourth medicine after clinical medicine, preventive medicine and rehabilitation medicine. And cosmetic surgery used to refer to cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Plastic classification

1. Burn plastic

To burn scar after nearly done, deformity caused by the appearance or dysfunction treatment and reconstruction.

2. Cranial and maxillofacial surgery

Facial trauma, facial fractures, the treatment of lip cleft palate, other congenital malformation of the face and reconstruction, etc.


Hand trauma, congenital malformations, limb again, microscopic flap transplantation, etc.

4. Microsurgical

By operating microscope or a magnifying glass, with microsurgical technique for tiny blood vessels and nerves anastomosis reconstruction function process.

5. Aesthetic plastic surgery

Is to have normal anatomical structure and physiological function of human body in the form of aesthetic correction and shape again.

6. Beauty dentistry

For correcting the color of the tooth is uneven or aspect and repair.

7. Scar plastic

On the question of the scar repair achieve beautification effect.

8. Hair plastic

In view of the lank hair, bald, with trauma to the head of the plastic skin.

9. Private parts to repair

In view of the hymen, the size of asymmetric labia, pubic hair is irregular, repair vaginal relaxation, etc.

Plastic teeth

1, teeth crowding patients: go out into the performance for the teeth, not beautiful, not easy to clean, susceptible to decay, easy to form dental calculus, lead to periodontal disease.

2, front teeth underbite say again "to bag day", characterized by lower teeth bite outside the upper teeth, some people are just the jaw teeth; Some people not only the teeth underbite, facial skeletal deformities, also known as osseous underbite, characterized by lack of maxillary growth - after shrinkage, former mandibular hyperplasia, causing surface in central depression, side looks for the crescent, affect beautiful and function.

3, patients with tooth clearance, show the gap between teeth.