Orthopedic Plastic Features

Orthopedic Plastic features

Plastic features

Beauty is human nature, but the pursuit of beauty is affected by many factors, including economic capacity is the main basis for people to choose beauty. Beauty professional since the date of birth, with a certain utilitarian, especially in recent decades, with the improvement of people's living standards, cosmetic surgery to an unprecedented pace of development, mainly due to the commercialization of cosmetic surgery The Cosmetic surgery as a medical means to maintain and create the body of the United States of the discipline, in addition to utilitarian, but also in the following aspects different from other general surgery.

Surgical population

Ordinary surgical patients are on the body there is a certain pathological changes, and cause a painful experience of a group of groups. Physicians persuade patients to surgically remove the lesion, relieve pain, restore normal physiological function, therefore, the relationship between patients and physicians is a passive relationship, the patient in order to relieve pain, can only accept surgery, he has no choice for surgery. The vast majority of patients with cosmetic surgery did not cause painful pathological changes, but psychological barriers, they feel inferior to their own defects, ashamed. They see the doctor is not to solve the physical pain, but through surgery to achieve cosmetic results, find self-confidence. They ask the physician to surgery for them to correct the physical defects, their relationship with the beauty physician is an active relationship, they can choose their favorite way of surgery.


General surgery anesthesia to reduce the pain in patients with surgery and smooth through the surgical period for the purpose of the amount of narcotic drugs and the use of no excessive requirements. In addition to cosmetic surgery to allow patients to painless surgery, but also to facilitate the operation of surgery for the purpose of comparison, such as double eyelid surgery, anesthesia should be two in the amount of anesthetic and anesthetic injection level consistent, In order to compare the results during surgery.

Surgical operation

General surgery to reduce the scope of exposure to patients with wounds, good visibility and easy operation of the principle of surgery. Therefore, the surgical incision at the tissue exposure as little as possible, the more the wound closer to the more easy to operate; and cosmetic surgery to facilitate the comparison of surgical results, reduce the incision and postoperative scar hyperplasia principle, surgical operation requires fine and accurate Unnecessary tissue damage.

Surgical operation is divided into non-surgical plastic surgery (injection of cosmetic laser skin care) surgical plastic surgery

Filling substances are generally implanted and autologous fat (cartilage) grafts

Evaluation of surgical results

The evaluation of general surgical results to whether the removal of lesions, the lifting of the patient's pain, whether the complications after surgery and whether the recurrence of lesions based on the appearance of the surgical area without excessive requirements. The evaluation of the effect of cosmetic surgery is based on the appearance of the surgical area in the static or dynamic is beautiful as the standard, by the patient and the surrounding population a greater impact on the aesthetic.


General surgery to save the doctor for the purpose of complications prone to patients and their families understand. The cosmetic surgery to beauty and commercial interests for the purpose of complications are often not accepted by patients and their families, prone to medical disputes. Therefore, the requirements of cosmetic plastic surgeon not only has a solid basic medical knowledge, superb surgical techniques, but also a higher aesthetic cultivation, to minimize the incidence of complications.