Padding Reinforcing Agent

Padding Reinforcing agent

(1) fill up. Added.

(2) [till in the blanks in a test paper].

(3) filling of leather: the process of making leather is often done with the oil. Heavy leather filling is in come on and join the filling material (such as magnesium sulfate, glucose, etc.), after being absorbed by leather can increase the weight of the leather, improve plump and thick feeling, and keep the leather has a certain performance of the water. Light leather can be filled with bath after the emulsion fuel, the use of filler plant tanning agent and resin filling material etc., help to improve the leather plump and flexibility and reduce surface defects easily.

Also called fillers, fillers and fillers. A solid material that is used as a basic component in a synthetic resin or rubber to alter its performance or reduce its cost. There are inorganic and organic. There are a lot of different kinds of applications.

Rubber industry commonly called reinforcing agent, such as carbon black, silica, clay, precipitated calcium carbonate, etc., mainly used to improve tensile strength, hardness, resistance to abrasion and flexural performance such as rubber reinforcing agent (see).

In plastic industry, wood powder, cotton fiber, paper, cloth, asbestos and clay are used to improve mechanical properties. Use mica and graphite to improve the electrical performance.

In coating industry, it is used to improve the physical, chemical or optical properties of the film, such as clay, calcium carbonate, talcum powder and barium sulphate.

In dye industry, common salt, sodium sulfate, urea, etc., to be a certain standard concentration.

In papermaking industry, white clay, talcum powder, chalk, titanium powder, barium sulphate and precipitate calcium carbonate are used to improve the opacity, smoothness and invisibility.

In the leather industry, magnesium sulfate, gypsum, sodium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, and glucose are used to make leather full, flexible and color slightly lighter.

The pesticide industry, in pharmaceutical processing into powder, wettable powder and granule, common talcum powder, clay, clay, diatomite inert powder as auxiliary