Practice Of Medical Splint Wrapping Method

The humerus is the position of the human shoulder joint and the human arm, and once it is broken, it is difficult to carry out the dressing. Humerus fracture area there are generally two kinds, a kind of surgical neck of humerus fractures, the other is a humeral fractures, both humeral fractures is more difficult to deal with, choosing the appropriate medical splint bandaging method, can be better for the two kinds of humerus fractures, make its recovery as early as possible.

In the treatment of the humerus surgical neck fracture, the drug should be applied to the affected area first, and then the medical bandage will be used to wrap the drug between 1 and 2 layers, so that the drug will be fixed. In the use of the medical splint, the anterior, lateral, and posterior plate of the lesion was placed on the elbow, and the top of the shoulder was more than the shoulder peak, and the medial plate was from the underarm to the upper part of the upper condyle. In the mushroom head position on the medial panel, the abduction type is placed under the armpit, and the endline is placed above the upper condyle.

The upper arm is fixed with three ligatures, fixed front and lateral, and the back side splint is perforated above the shoulder joint, with the bandage as a hyperjoint fixation, and the bandage is used to move through the diagonal of the bandage to the axillary fixation. Then bend the arm 90 degrees, use the triangle towel to hang on the chest, make it fixed, do not have unauthorized activity.

The brachial shaft fracture is used in the selection of the medical splint method, the same treatment is applied to the affected area, the use of medical bandages to cover 1 to 2 layers. After the fracture site is completely corrected, a rectangular large fixed pad is placed in front and rear of the lesion, with a slow and slightly lateral displacement, and the two pads are pressurized to make up the three sides of the Angle. And then used in medical splint bandaging method, place the splint respectively in the inner and outer, front, back, medical splint shall not exceed the elbow, and then use 3 or 4 of the medical tie so that it is fixed. Finally, bend the elbow 90 degrees and hang it on your chest with a triangle towel to hold it in place.

Through the above medical splint bandaging method, there are several matters needing attention to note, splint fixation of humeral fractures, above exceed one third of shoulder joint, over a third below elbow, a third less than in the middle. When using fixed pad, two points and three points should not be too thick. In the radial nerve groove, don't put a pad. Finally, when using a triangle towel, make sure the elbows are buckling 90 degrees.