Processing Technology Of Nonwovens For Medical Use, Fully Biodegradable Materials Used In Medical Industry

Nonwoven fabric-cutting title is non-woven fabric or nonwoven fabric. Because it is a form without the spinning weaving fabric textile short fiber or filament only targeted or random pole column Web layouts and use mechanical, thermal or chemical, including bonded reinforcement. Principles of nonwovens break through the traditional textile and short process, production speed higher production value, low cost, wide use, material history and other characteristics. Non-woven fabric can be divided into several categories. Spunlace non-woven spunlace technology is high pressure micro-flow injection to a layer or multi-layer fiber Internet fiber intertwined so as to enable the Web to reinforce each other and have a certain strength. Heat sealing nonwoven thermal bonded nonwoven is added to the Web of fibrous or powdered hot melt Adhesive reinforcement material fiber network through the heating and melting cooling reinforcement into cloth. Pulp non-woven fabrics for air flow into the non-woven fabric can be referred to as dust-free paper airlaid nonwoven fabric. It is used air into wood pulp fiber network technology opened to a single fiber ª¤ then use air methods agglutination of fibers in fiber mesh reinforced cloth into the net curtains. Wet adhesive-bonded cloth wet nonwoven fabric is placed in an aqueous medium of fiber opening into a single fiber at the same time different fiber materials made of fiber suspended suspended pulps to the network fiber mesh reinforced under in wet cloth. Spunbonded nonwoven spunbond nonwovens are polymers have been squeeze, stretch to form a continuous filament yarn laying into the net fiber network through their own glue, hot glue, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement fiber net non-woven fabric. Melt-blown nonwoven process of melt-blown non-woven fabric polymer melt extrusion feed---------fiber cooling------strengthening fiber formation. Acupuncture and non-woven cloth non-woven cloth is dry non-woven fabrics acupuncture needling nonwovens are needle puncture of the fluffy fiber mesh reinforcement.