Running Injury First Aid

People began to pay attention to your body's health in modern life, highly praised a poverty-free forms of exercise, especially as the very popular night jog. But most people who have not received professional training in preparation before not too much focus on games in General, which increases the chance of injury in the process. Non-woven adhesive elastic bandage is in order to prevent injuries in sports products.
Running injury first aid
Movement in the ankle sprains are the most common sports injuries, when girls wear high heels in our daily life are also very prone to ankle sprains, slipped and fell while running the chances of ankle sprains. If the sprain in sports, the first step is to stop running immediately, preventing injuries worse. No rotational joints or tough moves have been wounded again, or just make joints even greater harm. Then ice. Plastic bags can be used some ice cubes, plus the water deposited in the injured area, after every 15 minutes, five minutes rest the injured part, repeated movements, maintain about an hour or two. Finally, use elastic bandage the injured joint. Creates swelling and in order to avoid injuries, damaged parts up every day, check the wound bandage is normal. More importantly, after the injury and never parts ** pain, so as not to cause greater congestion, this very negative for the treatment and recovery.
In General, the ankle sprain is the need for recovery, recovery time is not too long, almost the way in two or three months. During the recovery period, not on a large scale campaign to prevent injuries from the second injury. Strenuous exercise, such as running sprained must wait a full recovery recovery after exercise.