How To Pick A Good Splint

It is not difficult to select splints, and can be taken into consideration in the following directions:

1. should pay attention to the quality of the panel. The large amount of decoration used in the market is the three splints of imported willow Eucalyptus. Import from Indonesia is called "printed board". It is called "horse board" imported from Malaysia. The quality of the "printing plate" is better than the "horse board", and the price is two or three yuan per Zhang. Attention must be paid to the selection panel is lauan or other hard wood. It's better to compare the face of the Eucalyptus. And the best choice of imported willow Eucalyptus single board.

2. should pay attention to the inner layer material. General for inner splint hardwood, the best selection of Eucalyptus and other high-quality materials, and pay attention to whether the smooth section, whether the board layer between the plastic, bubble, if there is a large gap in the core.

3. we should pay attention to the appearance of the whole board. The whole plate with good quality is not warped, deformed and cracked. Bian Xianshun is straight, the wall is thick, and the size is standard. The surface of the same color, no scar, variegated, spliced, wormholes, bruises, marks, and defect repair phenomenon.

4. should pay attention to the grade. The three splints imported from the market are mainly BB and CC, and the AA level is very rare. Be aware that some operators impersonate the import board with a slightly better joint-stock board, or a low grade impersonation of high grade. In fact, as long as you look at the outer packaging, you can identify it. Generally, imported plywood products are printed with imported marks, which are marked with English import origin: Indonesfa (Indonesia), Malaysia (Malaysia) and so on.