Sports Tape Bandaging Method

People often do some exercises to enhance their physique, such as jogging, hiking, biking, and just know that sport brings us some risks in terms of security as well as health, then in daily life, we should learn some basic medical adhesive-bonded cloth tape and medical methods, able for the first time to take the appropriate measures. Below we explain the sports injury sports tape used by the basic bandaging methods.
Sports tape bandaging method
Wrap at the bottom, is not bonding materials used before you use sports tape bandage ankle, tape pulls the skin surface. Starting from the ankle, ankle wound core material from the soles, no need to bypass foot. Anchor, and required for a sufficient length of tape, so that it can stretch ankle 1.5 turns. Around the ankles, covering the underlying material above, fix the underlying material. Put an x in the feet, sticky tape on the ankle, round tops, pull belt down around the foot arch, around the heel, and then around the heel back again around the x on the other side of the instep. Round 8-shaped, stick one end of the tape just above the ankle, bypassing the feet into the foot arch and then back to pins on the other side, and then bypass the ankle back to the starting place.
Learn the wrapped method will enable us to have better safeguards in the movement, in its own function, exercise capacity, under the level of understanding of health, exercise reasonable arrangements so as to improve our health.