The Range Of Medical Textiles

Existing in the international market of medical textiles including: absorption mat, wound contact (wrap) base material, high pure bandage and elastic bandage, support bandage bandage, pressing a bandage, plastic, adhesive plaster, gauze bandages, cotton flannel (special bandage materials), medical packing and skeleton materials (scaffold, refers to the processing and other basic materials of medical textiles), etc. Produce the medical textile raw materials in addition to the traditional commodities such as cotton, has been extended to alginate fiber, silk, chitin fiber (chitosan fiber), wood pulp fiber (lyocell), cotton wool and other natural fiber raw materials, as well as polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiber, polypropylene, polyester, glass fiber, viscose fiber, polyglycolic acid, polyurethane, polylactic acid fiber and elastic and non elastic chemical fiber raw materials.