The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Splints And Gypsum

Small splint fixation is the use of flexible cedar skin, willow, bamboo board or plastic board, plus a fixed pads, tied to the fracture of the outside of the body, with a fixed fractures, the method can effectively prevent the fracture end and angulation, rotation and lateral displacement. The fixed range is smaller than the plaster bandage. Generally do not include fracture of the upper and lower joints, facilitate timely exercise, prevent the occurrence of joint stiffness complications. The small splint does not impede the longitudinal contraction of the muscles. Muscle contractions can squeeze the fracture ends and heal the fracture. Muscle contraction volume expansion, make small splint horizontal belt and fixed pad pressure temporarily increase, the remnants of fracture end side to further correction or angular displacement, so small splint fixation method with fixed reliable, quick collapse fold the mission, good functional recovery, low treatment cost, fewer complications, the patient pain is light, etc. The disadvantage of small splint fixation is not easy to shape, not suitable for the joints near the fracture fixed, tie is too loose or improper use of fixed pad and fixed effect, leading to fracture shift again, or tie too tight and oppressive canker, ischemic muscular atrophy, and even produce the bad consequence such as limb gangrene.

Plaster bandage with anhydrous calcium sulfate powder spraying on the special hole thin gauze bandage, wrapping on the body after water immersion crystallization, solidified into a solid crust, effective fixation of fractures of limbs. The advantage is that it can be shaped according to the shape of the body, so the fixed action is indeed reliable. The downside is inelastic, and can't adjust the firmness, nor to use fixed pad, so the fixed scope is larger, which generally more than fractures and joints, make these joints in the fracture fixed period cannot activity of exercise. If you do not pay attention to strengthen the contractions of the fixed limbs, after removing the plaster bandage, the joint stiffness and other sequelae can be produced, which can hinder the rapid recovery of the limb function.