The Correct Use Of Medical Gauze And Three Precautions.

The main function of medical gauze is to dress up the wound and clean up the blood stains of the wound during the operation. How much do you know about the correct use of medical gauze and precautions?

The correct use of medical gauze:

1. Determine whether the medical gauze is sterile, and check the product packaging logo and product manual.

2. If it is sterile medical gauze, it can be used directly. If it is non-sterile gauze, it needs to be disinfected by high temperature and high pressure steam or ethylene oxide before it can be used.

3. After unpacking, soak it in water for a few seconds, in order to make it work better. The temperature of the water is generally 25 degrees.

4, should pay attention to the tightness when dressing, not too tight, airtight will make the wound worse, too loose will make dust or other foreign matter into the wound, it is not conducive to wound healing and recovery. Moreover, the medical gauze bandage should be properly adjusted according to the patient's comfort.

Precautions for medical gauze:

1. Please check the appearance of the product when purchasing. The product should be soft, odorless, tasteless, pure white, free of other fibers and processing materials, and should not show strong blue fluorescence under UV light.

2. If the product packaging is found to be damaged or has expired, please discard it immediately.

3, medical gauze is a one-off items, so avoid repeated use.

Medical gauze is suitable for medical and health institutions, wound care and home trauma care. It is used in a wide range of applications. Pay attention to the characteristics of the product during storage. Do not put the product in a humid environment, and keep away from fire and Flammable products to avoid accidents.

The above is about the use of medical gauze and precautions