The Difference Between Medical Bandages And Gauze Bandages.

Medical bandages and medical gauze are one of the most used medical equipment in major hospitals. Nowadays, not only hospitals often use bandages and gauze, but also an essential product for family first aid. As a family, is it better to use medical bandages or medical gauze? What is the difference and connection between medical bandages and gauze? Let me let Hengshui Xukang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. explain the difference and connection between gauze and bandage.

Medical bandages and gauze have the same point and different points. The same thing is that they are used to temporarily stop bleeding, and the materials are the same. The difference is that the bandage is not directly contacted when the bandage is used, because most bandages are not sterilized. The gauze is sterilized and will not infect the wound when used. Therefore, we must recognize the difference between medical bandages and gauze bandages. When using them, we must decide whether to choose gauze or bandage according to our actual situation.