The Reticular Bandage

Mesh bandage, a new member of the family of medical bandage, it breaks through the traditional concept of bandages, adopt new ideas designed, will stretch leg warmers fully applied to the bandage, the advantages of the bandage which don't have to go to a winding. Selection according to the size of the fixed part of a certain type of mesh elastic bandage, shearing bandages in proportion: (length of fixed position: mesh elastic bandage = = = 4:1), according to the actual shape of fixed position again, like to wear socks, "wear" on line. Replace the traditional bandage, the network tube type, make the nursing work become very simple, convenient, make the work more efficient; Economy: material costs are only a third to a fifth of traditional bandages; The wound can be greatly ventilated and is conducive to recovery. It is flexible and is attached to any complex shape and is suitable for the care of any part of the body. Fixation of any part of the body, especially those that are not easily fixed. Applied to medical care, family self-help, outdoor sports, first-aid nursing on postoperative nursing care, sports, and all kinds of sports injury, the limbs sprains, soft tissue to rub, the adjuvant treatment of pain in the joints have bigger, especially for treatment of varicose veins, fractures, swelling of the control of gypsum is dismantled, can achieve a certain rehabilitation effect.