The Role Of Elastic Bandages

Elastic bandage is made of natural fibers woven together, soft, elastic is extremely high. Elastic bandages are very versatile, and every part of the body outside the dressing, field training, first aid, trauma can feel the benefits of this bandage. Advantages: flexible, joint use activities are not restricted, not shrink, part displacement does not interfere with blood circulation or breathable materials, condensed water vapor does not make the wound, and easy to carry. Product features: easy to use, elegant, suitable pressure, permeability, infection, which wounds heal quickly, dressing quickly, no allergic phenomenon, does not affect the patient's daily life. Elastic bandage in category: self-adhesive elastic bandages, elastic bandages, cotton 100% spandex elastic bandage, elastic bandages, PBT elastic bandage, cotton gauze bandages, PBT with absorbent pads bandages, plaster and other bandages, the annual production of bandages.