The advantages and disadvantages of fixed and splinting of fracture plaster

The advantage of gypsum is the shape is good, can shape according to the shape of the body, easy to achieve 3 3 fixed treatment principle, fixed indeed, the care is convenient, facilitate the long-distance transport.

The defects of gypsum are heavier, air permeability and X-ray transmittance. The upper and lower joints of the fracture are usually more than the joints, which can lead to the stiffness of the joints. After the fracture is removed, the plaster is easy to loosen and the fracture is displaced.

The advantages of the splint are easy to draw, the quality is lighter, the air permeability is good, the X-ray transmittance is good, the extremities end blood transport is easy to observe, easy the early functional exercise of the joint.

Splint external fixation of the defect is shaping is poor, especially near the joint fractures or joint dislocation, plywood is not fixed, and splint fixation is easy to loose, easily lead to fracture shift, not convenient for long distance transport.

To sum up, cast fixation with splint external fixation of each have advantages and disadvantages, therefore, because of according to own actual situation/broken parts of the body/late function to choose to the influence of plaster fixation with splint external fixation.