Tubular Bandage In The PICC Tube Patient

Tubular Bandage in the PICC tube patient

The PICC catheter can be used to infuse the drug into the central vein with high blood flow and fast flow rate. In order to avoid vascular damage caused by long-term infusion or infusion of hypertonic and irritating drugs, the patient can be relieved by the repeated puncture. The pain is often used in the treatment of patients requiring chemotherapy.

PICC catheters can be left in place for long periods of time, ideally for up to one year. The premise is that the specification is maintained, and the partial transparent application is applied without tension. However, in the actual application process, many factors such as sweating, allergies, critical illness, and insufficiency of the child's nature will cause the catheter to escape from the puncture site, which will cause the patient's economic loss and physical pain, and delay the treatment. Less than expected. In particular, the widespread application of targeted drugs for cancer patients, some of the PICC tube holders will appear severe allergic erythema and exudation under the transparent clothing and only use sterile gauze to strengthen the dressing to reduce local irritation and reaction.

How to externally fix the anti-catheter slippage has become a common concern of both the patient and the patient. In recent years, there are many methods and tools in clinical application for catheter fixation, such as elastic stockings, elastic bands, bandages, etc., either too tight and uncomfortable, not airtight, or easy to curl up to prevent fixation. In this regard, a mesh elastic bandage was searched on the Internet. After repeated trials, the “6th calf” was finally determined. It is most suitable for the bandage fixation of the upper arm of the PICC tube patient. It can be cut to 6~10cm according to actual needs. The length is placed over the patient's PICC indwelling catheter aseptically applied to achieve a good fixation. See the picture below:

elastic tubular bandage

Tubular elastic bandage

The utility model has the advantages of good elasticity, good gas permeability, uniform pressure, favorable blood circulation, no infection, length cutting, and easy operation. In clinical practice, we applied the "6th calf" surgical tube-shaped bandage to the fixation of the PICC tube patient catheter, which greatly reduced the rate of decoupling, relieved the concerns of patients, family members, and nursing staff; and was easy to obtain and low in cost. It is comfortable and beautiful and is highly praised by doctors and patients. It is worthy of clinical application. In addition, we have also applied this net sleeve to patients with indwelling needles, and it has also achieved good results.

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