Brief Introduction Of Medical Elastic Bandage

Medical elastic bandage is a medical product used for dressing wounds and fixing broken limbs. This product is mainly made of nylon stretch yarn and nylon elastic core yarn, which is interwoven into the knitting machine. Good elasticity, uniform pressure, good air permeability, comfortable after dressing, free movement of joints. What are the USES, advantages and characteristics of this product?

This product is made of natural fibers, soft and elastic. Moreover, it can be divided into self-adhesive elastic bandage, high elastic bandage, spandex elastic bandage, 100% cotton elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage, and cotton gauze bandage. The main USES are also different, but are mainly used for surgical dressing. It is also used in various parts of the body, such as dressing, field training, trauma first aid, etc.

In addition, the characteristics of this product is the product easy to use, beautiful and easy, suitable pressure, permeability is good, should not be infected, conducive to wound healing fast, bind up quickly, no allergic phenomenon, does not affect the patient's daily life. Advantage is with high elasticity, make the joint parts use the product after the activity is not restricted, and is not shrinking, will not interfere with the circulation of the blood or the risk of joint position shift, won't make the wound, the phenomenon of the condensed water vapor, easy and convenient in use and carry.