Type Of Bandage

There are 5 kinds of medical bandages. The 5 are: simple bandages, inelastic or elastic bandages, light supporting bandages, stress bandages, orthopaedic bandages 5 kinds. The material of the simple bandage is made up of cotton, viscose rayon, and polyamide fiber. The manufacturing method is generally woven and knitted. The material of an inelastic bandage / elastic bandage is made up of elastic yarn. The manufacturing method is different from the other bandage manufacturing methods, and it is not woven. The material for the light bracing bandage is made up of cotton, viscose rayon and elastic yarn. The manufacturing method is made of knitting and weaving. The material of stress bandage is made up of cotton, polyamide fiber and elastic yarn, and the manufacturing method is also woven or knitted. Finally, a bandage is the most complicated material is composed of cotton, viscose rayon, polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyurethane, instant noodles, manufacturing method or a combination of all of the above methods, knitted and woven with organic, non-woven into law.

The above 5 are the 5 kinds of bandages commonly used in our daily life. Medical workers will choose suitable medical bandages to treat them according to the actual situation of patients.

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