What Are The Bandages Of Bandages?

Ring dressing

For smaller or cylindrical parts of the limbs, such as the hands, feet, wrists and forehead, and for the beginning of various dressings. Roll up the bandage, hold it with your right hand, spread the bandage about 8 cm, fix the bandage head with your left thumb, and wrap it in a continuous ring with your right hand.

Spiral bandaging

It is used for approximately equal parts of the circumference, such as upper arms, fingers, etc. Two rolls were wrapped at the distal end, then spiral wound at a angle of 30 degrees to the proximal end. Each roll overlapped by two thirds of the previous roll, and the end tape was fixed. The bandage does not cover each other in the absence of bandage or temporary immobilization of splint.

Spiral reverse bandaging

For areas of unequal circumference, such as forearms, calves, thighs, etc., start with a two-week circular bandage, then do a spiral bandage, and then with one thumb on the upper center of the bandage, the other hand will be folded down from the point, covering 1/3 or 2/3 of the previous week. Each fold should be arranged in a straight line, but each fold should not be at the wound and bone protuberance.

"8" shape binding method

For shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, and other joints of the binding and fixation of clavicle fracture. Take the elbow joint as an example, first wrap two rolls of bandage in the middle of the joint, first wrap the bandage above the joint, then through the flexion side to the joint below, through the dorsal side of the limb to the flexion side of the limb and then around the joint above, so repeatedly, the word "8" continuous wrap up and down the joint, each roll overlaps with the previous roll 2/3, finally wrap the ring above the joint. 2 rolls, adhesive tape fixing.

Reverse dressing

For the top of the head, fingertips and limb stumps, for a series of left or right or back back dressing, will be all covered by the dressing site, and then make a circular dressing for two weeks.

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