What Are The Common Types Of Bandages

Bandage the wound with a bandage, which is to fix the gauze on the wound, fix the fracture or contusion, and have the pressure to stop the bleeding, and protect the affected area.

  1. Annular method: this method is used in the wrist, the body of the equal parts. First, wrap the bandage around the ring. The first circle is slightly inclined; In the second and third circles, ring the first circle, and the end of the band will be fixed with the tail, and the tail can be cut into two heads, then knotted.

  2. Serpentine method: this method is used for the fixation of splints. Wrap the bandage around the circle in ring. To make the bandage of the bandage between the wound or the next.

  3. Spiral method; this method is mostly used in the same body and body thickness. A number of rings are twined by the ring method. Cover the front ring 1/3 or 2/3 in a spiral.

  4. Spiral reverse method: this method is used for the application of body and body thickness. Wrap around the ring first. To be wrapped in the coarsely, fold the bandage and cover the front ring 1/3 or 2/3. This is twined from the bottom.