What Are The Precautions For Bandage Bandage

1. The wound must be covered with aseptic or clean dressing. The injured should be comfortable and maintain the functional position of the limbs.

2. choose suitable bandages according to different limbs. Bandage is done from the distal end of the body to the proximal end to facilitate venous blood reflux.

3. Wrapping should first circle around 2 circles to fix the starting point, after each circle pressure uniform, elasticity should be moderate, if too loose easy to fall off, too tight easy to affect blood supply.

4. When dressing the extremities (such as hands, feet or fingers, toes) it is best to expose the outside in order to observe the blood supply of the limbs.

5. The bandage should be compressed half the width of the front bandage in each winding, which can play a full fixed role. The bandage should be a straight line.

6. After the bandage is finished, it needs to be wrapped around two circles again, and then fixed with adhesive tape or the tail of the bandage. It should be kept at the outside of the extremities, and should not remain in the wound, bone or pressure area.

7. when you remove the bandage, first release the knot or remove the adhesive tape, then loosen the bandage alternately. In case of emergency or bandage is soaked through the wound's secretion, scissors can be used to cut the bandage.


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