What Are The Respective USES Of Elastic Bandages And Adhesive Bandages For First Aid

The elastic bandage is made of natural fibers and is soft and elastic.

Purpose: mainly used for surgical dressing care.

The use of elastic bandages is widely used, the various parts of the body are covered, the field training, trauma first aid and so on can feel the various benefits of this bandage.

Advantages: high elasticity and joints after using activity is not restricted, not shrinking, will not hinder the circulation of the blood or make joint displacement of material good air permeability, doesn't make the condensed water vapor wound, convenient to carry.

Product features: is it convenient to use, beautiful and easy, suitable pressure, permeability is good, should not be infected, conducive to wound healing fast, bind up quickly, no allergic phenomenon, does not affect the patient's daily life.

Adhesive made of pure cotton elastic bandage or flexible non-woven fabrics with natural rubber compound and into the material transfer beam, cutting and become, for clinical external fixation and bandaging, self-adhesive, bandage for wound dressings and fracture splint fixation; The wound of the wound dressing is fixed by direct wrapping. If the wound continues to bleed, it should be pressurized to stop the bleeding.