What Are The Uses Of Gauze?

Gauze is of wide variety and wide range of uses. The following is a clue about the type and variety of gauze.



1, pure cotton gauze (also as cotton gauze), mainly used for quilts, silk quilts, cotton batting. It can also be degreased and used for industrial use after sizing.

2. Whole cotton bleached gauze (also used as whitening gauze or whitening gauze), because people's living conditions have improved, advocate health. Whole cotton bleached gauze treated by bleaching and softening process, natural, pure white, comfortable, environmental protection, is the preferred lining for quilt, silk quilt, but also can be used as a mask.

3, degreasing gauze, mainly used for medical bandages, medicine cloth, rubber paste and so on.

4. Mask gauze, used as mask, has roll (large roll) or piece, to meet the needs of different manufacturers.

5. Mosquito net gauze for mosquito net.

6. Take Ryosabu, this gauze is made of purified fiber gauze, which is strong enough to be used for bamboo curtain mat.

7, sizing sizing gauze, used for wash towel, deer skin towel production, carpet, artificial leather production.

8, bean curd gauze, using pure cotton 21 or 32 yarn weaving, used to make tofu bag.

9. Double gauze, woven with pure cotton yarn, used for baby diapers, face towels, napkins and postpartum restraint, abdominal bandage gauze fat abdomen, etc.

10, Ghost Festival gauze, a variety of colors of thin gauze, used for Ghost Festival hanging in the window or make colorful irregular clothing used to scare ghosts.

11, seedlings and flowers transplant root gauze, used for seedlings, flowers, transplants, seedlings, roots, and soil.

12, thin mesh gauze, sparse mesh is similar to fishing net, rolled, used for quilt cover, decorative materials, wall decoration or industrial use.

13, book binding gauze, cotton bleaching sizing, used for book binding.

14, cotton wrapping cloth (also called cotton packing cloth or cotton baling cloth). 10 pieces of yarn are woven into cotton, foreskin and polyester cotton foreskin.

15, vegetable greenhouses are covered.

Note: the yarn is a loosely woven single thread made of cotton and linen. It can be twisted and woven.

Industrial sand cloth, other names: iron sand cloth, emery cloth, Takedama Sabu, dry grinding gauze.

Purpose: loading on machine or manually grinding burrs, rust stains or polished surfaces on the surface of metal parts. The rolled gauze is mainly used for mechanical grinding of metal workpieces or plywood. Small grain size used for rough grinding, large size for fine grinding.

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