What Else Can Medical Gauze Do? Share The Health Benefits Of Gauze.

As we know, the gauze commonly used in daily life is a kind of cotton fabric, which is characterized by sparse warp and weft, and with obvious mesh. It USES is very wide, there are many kinds of concrete is made of pure cotton gauze, cotton bleaching, absorbent gauze, gauze, masks, gauze net gauze, wet skin of tofu gauze, flower seedlings transplanting covered gauze and book binding gauze, etc., including absorbent gauze is also called medical gauze.

According to the material of gauze cloth, basically cent polyester cotton gauze and pure cotton gauze, before buying had better use fire method, distinguish. If the gauze is burned to ash, it can be concluded that it is pure cotton gauze. If there are small particles, it is polyester cotton. Strictly speaking, medical gauze must be made of pure cotton.

In fact, not only gauze, medical gauze is also widely used. In daily life, it is mainly used to bind up the wound on the body, clean up the blood stain in the wound during the operation, and different body parts adopt different methods of dressing.

In daily life, medical gauze can also be used to make up and remove makeup for women. As a result of strong absorbance, it can be used to apply make-up water on the face; When discharge makeup, also can discharge makeup latex to pour on gauze cloth, discharge colour makeup one-time, save discharge makeup milk already, clear thoroughly again; When making eye film or facial mask, we use protect wet to make up cotton, apply on the face or around eye ministry for a quarter of an hour, can obtain protect wet, white effect. In addition, some female friends also used medical gauze when removing nail polish.