What Is The Difference Between Bandage And Gauze?

A gauze bandage for wounds or affected areas.

It is necessary for surgery to fix and protect surgical or injured parts. The simplest one is a single shed belt, made of gauze or cotton cloth, suitable for limbs, tail, head and chest and abdomen. Compound bandages are bandages of various shapes made according to position and shape. They are made of double-layer cotton cloth, in which cotton with different thickness can be clipped and cloth strips are arranged around them for binding and fixation, such as eye bandages, back and waist bandages, chest bandages, abdominal bandages and manicure bandages. Special bandages are often used in limbs and joints.

Medical gauze is mainly made from bleached gauze raw material by bleaching and processing, mainly for clinical wound dressing. It includes medical folding gauze block, medical sewing gauze block, gauze mask and so on.

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