What Should Be Noticed After The Cast Is Fixed

It's a long process from fracture to healing. In order to ensure that the healing process is completed, maintain have reset of fracture end not to shift, relieve muscle pain and cramps and make early activity, muscles and joints must be fixed on the broken limbs. The most commonly used fixed method is gypsum fixation.

Plaster fixation for fracture has two hundred years of history, a plaster cast has good plastic function, can make plaster is in conformity with the fixed body form, and can make use of the principle of fixed method to control the shift trend of fracture.

Gypsum dry solid, very hard, not deformation loose, reliable, easy to care and transport. But it is because of gypsum tube type hard and body joint closely, so difficult to adapt to the body of reactive swelling after trauma, easy to cause oppression and appear blood circulation obstacle, appear even limb necrosis, and there is a profound lesson, should be highly valued. And when the limb swelling subsides, the fracture occurs again due to the plaster tube type. Therefore, the following problems should be paid attention to:

1. The body joint must be fixed in the function position or the special seat required. Don't change seat body set, midway, or will make just hard on the plaster bandage fixation fracture, affect the consistence of plaster bandage, and joint buckling due to compression buckling cause skin, a pressure ulcer.

2. Raise the leg, use the soft pillow or bed pad to facilitate the flow of the veins and lymph, and reduce the swelling of the limbs.

3. Observe the exposed fingers and toes, pay attention to its color and temperature, and contrast with the healthy side of the limb. If found the color purple toes, pale, cool or cannot be automatically activities, skin hypoesthesia, numbness, others will cause great pain when its straight toes, gypsum longitudinal will be immediately? Open, if not handled in time, can occur ischemic necrosis.

4. After the plaster fixation, the patient is suffering from pain and is insufferable. It is usually caused by gypsum compression. When this phenomenon occurs, it should open the window or replace the plaster in the pain area.

5. During the cold season, you should be careful to keep warm in plaster body, in case of frostbite.

6, the patient had better lie hard bed and soft mat mat gypsum, pay attention to maintain a clean and tidy gypsum, especially children, don't let the noise of gypsum are contaminated with manure, and don't wet by water, turn or replace position to protect the gypsum, avoid fracture.

7. When it is necessary to move, the gypsum should be put on the iron plate, and should not be exposed to the ground with a good cast of gypsum, so as not to wear out and lose the fixed effect. Also don't use the knife to cut and cut off the cast.

8. The abnormal conditions should be checked or replaced by the hospital in a timely manner.