Will You Use The Medical Sterile Gauze?

With the vigorous development of medical treatment in recent years, the production of medical textiles has greatly improved in quality. The medical sterile gauze block is in the material, with the fine non-woven fabric, the comfort of the raw material is good, the texture is soft, has stronger elasticity, the toughness is strong.

If the purchase method is not correct, it is likely that the product will not be qualified. We will feel uncomfortable when we use it and even affect its sterile effect. Now that the selection is so important, what should we do?

1. Before purchasing the medical gauze block, the appearance of the product should be looked at, whether it is soft, pure white, tasteless and contains no other impurity fiber;

2. You can put it under the uv light. If the bright blue fluorescence is shown, it contains other substances.

Before using, please carefully read the text description and packaging logo on the outer package of medical gauze block, because the medical gauze block is usually divided into aseptic and non-sterile, please know clearly before using.

The above is a summary of the medical gauze blocks for your attention and the way of discrimination thank you for your precious time to watch, hope to help you.