Wound Care How To Care

 Wound Care How to protect the wound in the end?

  First, in a timely manner to the hospital by the doctor to clean the wound, disinfection, suture or dressing. Often it is feared that cleaning the wound will delay the time, flow more blood or wash the wound more even, just because of fear of pain and refused to clean, in fact, carefully clean the wound is to avoid leaving scars, promote wound healing the most basic step. Such as trauma if the skin embedded in dust, coal ash and other debris, if the cleaning is not clean, the color of the particles remain in the skin will form ugly dust stains.

  Wound Care Disinfection is to prevent infection, which is to avoid the local scar to avoid the key, because the infection can cause damage to the dermis, the epidermis can not be regenerated, had to fill the defects of granulation tissue proliferation, which must leave scars. Similarly, the boils, pustules, etc. as soon as possible by the doctor scientific treatment, should not hand to squeeze, to prevent the spread of inflammation to the deep.

  In addition, immediately after scald with a lot of clean cold water rinse to reduce the high temperature damage to the deep tissue; facial wounds do not use iodine disinfection, otherwise it will cause pigmentation. Wound scab after the patient to wait for their own off. Often people despise the dark scab does not look good, or because of curiosity, early can not help but forced to peel off the crust.

  Wound Care And this fashion in the repair of epidermal cells is not completely long good, no hard scab protection is easy to form scar and pigmentation. The individual will be accidentally just to grow the epidermal cells also brought out, but also stimulate the local inflammation, hinder the wound healing. In addition, when the wound healing will produce itchy feeling, with scratch, hot water wash, clothes friction and other methods itching, will stimulate the local telangiectasia, granulation tissue hyperplasia and the formation of scars; in the diet, wine, pepper, Mutton, raw garlic, ginger, mustard, coffee and other spicy food will also promote scar growth. If you eat lead, tribute drugs, will promote pigmentation; sun can not be ignored. Especially in the summer, sun hot enough, and fresh skin immature, it is difficult to resist the sun's ultraviolet radiation, it is easy to form pigmentation; cosmetics, soap, etc. can not touch the wound.

  Because all kinds of cosmetics inevitably contain lead, tribute, silver and other heavy metals and light-sensitive substances, they will stimulate the skin pigment increased.

  Wound Care Can be seen, as long as you can science, serious treatment of the wound, will be able to scar and pigmentation limit to the lightest level.